• Commercialize your algorithm!
    We help you commercialize your process by hosting it on the logarithmo platform and making it available to users and customers via the cloud.

Your advantages with logarithmo

Benefit from rapid exploitation

Instead of waiting months, years or forever for the utilization of your process, you can offer your process to a broad mass of industrial companies within 1-2 weeks via the logarithmo platform.

Focus on your solution

You focus on developing the best solution to a practical problem. We take care of the rest and operate the infrastructure that your process needs. Scalable, highly available, on-demand!

Choose the language you know and love

Use the programming language that best suits your problem. Whether Java, Matlab, Python, R or C++: we provide you with a customized interface between your web browser and your process.

Benefit from the logarithmo network and distribution

You have no resources or you don't have the time to deal with complex marketing and sales campaigns? Use the logarithmo network and offer your process to a wide range of customers.

Don't research for the drawer

You want your method to continue to be used even when you leave your research institute? With logarithmo your process can be used for a long time and by many users.

Let your work speak for you

Are you proud of the quality of your process? Use the logarithmo platform as a flagship for your work and convince partners in industry and research of your expertise.