• Intelligent solutions for the network operator in the smart grid
    A turnaround in energy policy, regulation and smart grids are changing the business of network operators. Use intelligent software services from logarithmo to optimize your processes in planning, operation and management.

Network operators have great opportunities due to flexible and rapid adaptation to new requirements resulting from the expansion of renewable energies, e-mobility and changing regulatory conditions. This concerns various processes in network planning, network operation, network management and asset management, in which added value can be created by intelligent use of the available data.

Leanly developed and individually adapted to your problem logarithmo software services help you to design your processes optimally and data driven. For example, you can increase the added value of smart grid data for monitoring, forecastingn and optimal balancing group management or use optimization procedures for network operation and planning.

The services are provided as easy-to-use web applications that can be used productively throughout the company. With the help of standardized interfaces, the solutions can also be easily integrated into existing software systems. Benefit from our broad experience in the fields of energy management and technology, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and operations research with uncomplicated and fast implementation times.

Monitoring of grid data

Consolidate extensive data into targeted automated network monitoring for operation and planning with high-quality visualizations

Forecast of consumption, generation and grid utilisation

Short-term and long-term forecasts based on machine learning and simulation models

Optimization for measures in network operation and planning

Network analyses and optimisation for the targeted selection of interventions in operations and optimised measures in network planning

Our portfolio

Grid Analysis & Monitoring

Execution of grid analyses and calculations for given scenarios, e.g. for reactive power optimization

Live acquisition of current network, market, load and feed-in data and high-quality processing in interactive monitoring application

Simulation of the influence of e-mobility on network load taking into account various smart charging strategies and intelligent load management


Forecast the day-ahead market (exports and prices) using intelligent machine learning load forecasting.

Prediction of variable regionally resolved power consumption using intelligent machine learning.

Forecast of network load based on predicted feed-in, load and replacement.

Forecast for optimized balancing group management using intelligent machine learning.

Optimization & Simulation

Market simulation for future scenarios, which the user takes into account in the form of freely selectable expansion assumptions for the capacity installed in Germany for photovoltaics and wind turbines (onshore and offshore).

Optimization procedure to determine optimized interventions in the network to eliminate bottlenecks (optimal power flow using redispatch, controllable network resources, control).

Identification of suitable grid expansion measures for various future scenarios and analyses of the grid compatibility of new feeders and consumers (e.g. using optimal power flow methods).

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