• Software products for tomorrow's digital energy trading
    Energy trading is changing. Benefit from digitization by accelerating your trading processes and optimizing your trading margins. Individual web applications from logarithmo support you with risk calculations, trading strategy optimization and information provision.

Modernise your trading process with logarithmo web applications. We offer customized digital solutions for a wide range of applications. Our experts support you in implementing individual digital solutions that are perfectly tailored to your problem. Benefit from our wealth of experience in the energy industry, statistics and operations research.

logarithmo web applications implement complex optimization and analysis algorithms in an easy-to-use and thus easily accessible manner and can thus be used productively throughout the company. With the help of standardized RESTful APIs, you can easily integrate highly available solutions implemented by us into existing software systems.

Data security

Hosting of critical applications within your infrastructure or on servers within Germany

Low Latencies & High Availability

Secure your speed advantage by hosting on redundant systems and latency optimization


Integration into existing software systems through standardized APIs

Our portfolio

Risk assessment

Calculate suitable risk surcharges for your load profile. Use an elaborate Monte Carlo simulation for your risk calculation with just one click. Determine surcharges for price, volume, correlation and spot market risks as well as for balancing energy.

Optimal trading strategies under consideration of uncertainties.


Market simulation for future scenarios, which take into account by the user in the form of freely selectable expansion assumptions for the installed capacity in Germany for photovoltaics (PV) and wind turbines (WTG, onshore and offshore).

Determination of the optimal combination of folders to be listed.

Monitoring & Forecasting

Calculation of 24h live forecasts based on current energy market data. High forecasting quality and uncomplicated application.

Monitoring tool for the analysis of live market data from the day-ahead market and flow- based market coupling of the CEW region.

Forecast of net electricity exports from countries in the CWE region based on live market data.

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