• Distribution planning
    How do the produced goods reach the customer in the fastest, cheapest or safest way? Where are there problems in the existing network design? How can I increase my current service level? These are all questions that are to be answered under the question of optimizing distribution processes.

Distribution is the link between production and the sales market of a company. Timely, flawless delivery ensures that a high level of service and customer satisfaction can be maintained. The demands on distribution are increasing, both in the business environment and in the B2C business. logarithmo supports companies in proactively reacting to increased requirements and offering their customers additional services. This is possible in the areas of simulation and optimization for planning (network design and number of handling points, route planning, etc.) as well as in the area of monitoring (e.g. early alarms in case of delays).

Alternative supply concepts

Analyse your existing distribution for potential and check alternative supply concepts.

Evaluation of your previous processes

Investigate where the strengths and weaknesses of your existing distribution structures lie and which fields of action should be prioritized.


If the ACTUAL processes differ from the TARGET process, see operational monitoring.

Our portfolio

Strategic Decisions

We analyse existing distribution structures and can analyse and evaluate alternative distribution concepts, e.g. by using optimisation models.

Which is the fastest or most cost-effective way to deliver your products to your customers according to your goals?

Tactical decisions

How often should transports take place between the locations in multi-stage supply chains? How does your service level change if you vary?

Which stock quantities of which article should be stored at which location? How vulnerable is your supply chain structure to certain risks?

Monitoring operations

What level of service do you offer your customers? Where are currently the biggest risks? Where can you still take measures today to prevent impending delays?

How often are there deviations in the current distribution processes from the planned target status?

Where are the current vehicles in delivery? In which time windows can a delivery to the individual customers be expected?

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