• Sales-supporting web applications from logarithmo
    Customer and process-oriented web applications from logarithmo as an additional service for your RLM customers and to accelerate internal processes: Benefit from our digital solutions tailored to your requirements and adapted to customer needs.

Web applications from logarithmo help you to optimize your sales processes and to develop new additional services for your customers.

Offer your RLM customers additional services in the areas of energy consulting and management in order to increase customer loyalty and open up new sources of income. Get to know your customers better by analyzing your customer database with modern Data Anytics methods, identify new customer groups and increase the efficiency of your sales activities.

Replace your Excel toolbox with easy-to-use and company-wide available web applications. logarithmo offers lean and special solutions adapted to your processes instead of heavyweight and complicated complete solutions.

Tailored to customer needs

Offer your customers special additional services tailored to the respective target group

Get to know your customers better

Intelligent analyses of your customer databases help you better understand the needs of your customers

Leaner processes

Modernise your sales processes with easy-to-use web applications

Our portfolio

Sales processes

Determine the entitlement to individual grid charges according to §19 Par.2 S.1 StromNEV. Connection of enet databases. Interactive visual display of the load profile with colour-coded peak load windows and detailed evaluation of peak loads.

Calculate suitable risk surcharges for your customer load profiles. Use an elaborate Monte Carlo simulation for your risk calculation with just one click. Determine surcharges for price, volume, correlation and spot market risks as well as for balancing energy in order to be able to offer competitive prices.

Ancillary services

Load profile analysis as an additional service for your RLM customers: Use existing load curve and network charge data to provide your customers with an analysis of your efficiency measures, uncover savings measures and calculate price and consumption scenarios. Open up new consulting and cross-selling products and promote long-term customer loyalty.

Offer your Smart Meter and RLM customers real-time monitoring of consumption values. Provide benchmarks and promote your customers' understanding of energy as well as their loyalty to your company.

Client analysis

Our data analysts help you to gain the necessary insights from your customer data in order to identify and target customers at risk of migration. Concentrate your sales activities on the relevant customer groups and increase efficiency while minimizing customer churn.

How can limited marketing resources be used efficiently? Modern methods of data analysis make it possible to identify customer groups that promise the highest possible conversion rate for your marketing activity. Our data analysts develop an individual solution tailored to your data basis.